EPS is excited to introduce the new worldwide standard in anti-cross threading fasteners, MAThread®. We are a fully authorized manufacturer of all MAThread® products. For technical information, please click the links to open PDFs on each specific product. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDFs; download the latest version at

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MATpoint (M point)

General usage: For use in most applications. Do not use when prying heavy components into place during installation - use a 'Dog point' MAThread instead.

Dog point MAThread

Special usage: Use in any very difficult application or when prying components into place during installation.

"P" point MAThread

General usage: Use in difficult applications when point clearance is not an issue. Should also be used with thick stack-ups of multiple components.

Very Short MAThread

Limited usage: Use only in applications where point clearance is a problem and angular mis-alignment is limited. Note that this part may very rarely jam if installed at over 8° angular misalignment.

Custom Designed MAThread

Special usage: Design Criteria for parts used in special applications