Thru-Hole Custom ShapesPortfolio

Thru-Hole Custom Shapes

Multi-station manufacturing of parts with thru-hole requirements used in shock absorbing assemblies.

Shoulder and Collar RivetsPortfolio

Shoulder and Collar Rivets

Highly engineered fasteners dedicated for seating applications.

Slotted ComponentsPortfolio

Slotted Components

Production based tooling designed to eliminate secondary operations.

Complex Shafts, Bolts and PinsPortfolio

Complex Shafts, Bolts and Pins

Various industries served with lengthy products used in sophisticated systems.

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Quality Processes Applied to Any Manufacturing Operation

Our world class experience in developing fastener solutions allows us to select the proper location for your component. Whether we produce your product in our North American facility or through our international partners, our innovative manufacturing knowledge is applied.

Industries We Serve

Automotive, Recreational, HVAC, Agriculture, Industrial, and others

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