Engineering Data

The following engineering data is generalized to indicate the range and versatility of our facilities. Often, the fulfillment of your special needs can be found in sizes and shapes which, although not technically "standard", fall well within the range of our normal capabilities.

Torque Tensioning (PDF - 173 KB)
Screw Point Types (PDF - 124 KB)
Pilot Hole Sizes (PDF - 421 KB)
Bolt & Screw Head Types (PDF - 142 KB)
Weights per Thousand (PDF - 182 KB)
Unified External Screw Threads (PDF - 190 KB)
Rod & Bolt Diameters (PDF - 96 KB)
Metric Conversions (PDF - 141 KB)
Hole Sizes for Die Casting (PDF - 148 KB)
Material Strength (PDF - 295 KB)
Drive Tool Sizes (PDF - 102 KB)
Hardness Conversions (PDF - 167 KB)

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